Year 2015

February 5
New Era Engineering Software Ltd. on February 5th presented one more powerful tool available in 'S-FRAME SOFTWARE Inc.'. S-LINE™. With a webinar entitled 'S-LINE, PRODUCT OVERVIEW' we presented fully the capabilities and strengths of our Reinforced Concrete Design tool to clients, universities and end user

January 15
As part of the 'ACADEMIC DONATION PROGRAM' , New Era Engineering Software Ltd. generated a program consisting of a series of webinars- specifically designed-for our University partners in Greece, Cyprus and the Middle East. The program was launched on January 15th with the webinar ' S-CONCRETE™, PRODUCT OVERVIEW PART#1' that succeeded of wide attendance.

Year 2014

November 20
New Era Engineering Software Ltd. responded to the users/clients requests and conducted a similar to the previous S-CONCRETE™ webinar based on the American Codes. The webinar was held on November 20th and it was entitled 'Slender Column Design with ACI 318-08 in S-CONCRETE R11'.

July 17
Imperfection and Slenderness effects of RC columns in EC2 with S-CONCRETE webinar was completed with big success.

July 8
Imperfection and Slenderness effects of RC columns in EC2 with S-CONCRETE. Join us for a Webinar on July 16 at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EEST.

April 29
We are happy to welcome WSP Middle East to our family of global clients. WSP Middle East has recently signed an agreement with NEES for the use of S-FRAME Software concrete solutions in the Middle and Asia.

December 15
NEES sent a greeting card to the clients.

December 11
Structural Engineering Software Solutions Company, S-FRAME Software, Inc., Announces Distributor Agreement with New Era Engineering Software. New Era Engineering Software provides Structural & Civil Engineers an exclusive distributor in the Middle East, North East Africa, Greece and Cyprus for the Structural Office solution suite from S-FRAME Software, Inc. S-FRAME provides accurate, proven and easy-to-use software solutions for professionals in industries such as Oil & Gas, Commercial & Industrial Building Construction, and Transportation Infrastructure.

December 10
S-FOUNDATION is a complete analysis, design and detailing solution for both complex and simple foundation configurations. Using interactive pick and drop tools, the engineer can quickly define footings, mat and pile foundation configurations while S-FOUNDATION automatically generates and manages the underlying FEA model. Learn more about S-Foundation

November 7
S-Foundation on STRUCTURE magazine see more.

October 22
Online Training Classes for S-FOUNDATION (P601) register here.

October 14
We are happy to represent S-FRAME product suite.

October 9
Our covering territory are Middle East, North East Africa, Greece and Cyprus.

September 25
We are looking forward to providing best in class support to the S-FRAME user community: Technical Support, Webinars, Online Training Classes, Product Inquiries